The “C” in our name, Plan C Advisors, stands for Companies, Climate and Choices. Business leaders can choose how their companies address climate change. By proactively planning, not only can they mitigate climate risks, but they have the opportunity to re-envision their organizations and build distinctive value for all their stakeholders.

Our Purpose

Plan C is founded on the belief that business can play a vital role in building a more just and sustainable world while providing positive results for stakeholders. However, Board Directors and executives face increasingly complex threats that can jeopardize the organizations they serve. They are challenged with deciphering the potential impacts of these threats so they can maintain and grow the value of their companies.

Cyber attacks have been among the top issues facing business leaders. Once viewed as isolated events, now cyber threats require Board engagement to drive mitigation strategies across their organizations. Increasingly, climate change is recognized as brining similar potential to wreak havoc on organizations, destroying financial and reputational value. No longer can climate be a siloed responsibility within companies—it too is becoming a Board level mandate requiring cross-enterprise engagement. Taking proactive steps to identify, address and communicate climate impacts, business leaders not only can protect their companies but they can build a competitive advantage relative to peers.

There has been no dearth of smart people focusing on climate—for decades. But for the most part they have not framed climate impacts in business terms. Business leaders are loathe to engage teams of climate specialists until they understand at a high level the problems and opportunities associated with climate.

The role of Plan C is like that of a general practitioner. We work with Board Directors and top executives to review and diagnosis their companies’ climate current and potential climate impacts through focused Modules delivered by a team of former executives who understand business concerns. Then we prescribe steps that should be taken to address climate threats and opportunities, delivered through our Plan C Alliance Partners who specialize in relevant areas. Through this ecosystem approach, Plan C delivers the knowledge and tools business leaders need, in the appropriate sequence

Everyone on the Plan C team–our Advisors, Interns and Partners–are driven by our desire to use our experiences and talents to make the biggest impact we can on the most pressing issue of our times. By working together, we have the ability to change the course of climate change. To quote Tim Cook of Apple, “We can see the climate crisis not as a business risk but as a problem that contains the seeds of its own solution.”

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Plan C, we are committed to operating sustainably. In particular,  we minimize use of paper and leverage telecommunications wherever possible.

When we need to travel, we calculate the carbon footprint of our air transportation and offset through Terrapass.

We support non-profit organizations focusing on climate change and sustainability, donating at least 1% of annual profits to these causes, including: NRDC/E2; Sustainable Travel International; and Mercado Global.

Amanda North

“Resilience is forged through adversity. My experiences in the Boston Marathon bombing both humbled and inspired me. Climate change is real, but through our collective strength, creativity, compassion and commitment, we the business community can foster the resiliency skills necessary to survive and flourish.”

—Amanda North, Founder and CEO, Plan C Advisors