Plan C

Businesses face pressure from every side to take action on climate. No longer can they “check the box” by complying with regulatory requirements and sweeping climate into broad ESG initiatives. Now, understanding and addressing climate impacts is vital to preserving and creating shareholder value.

With a topic as complex as climate, the question is where to start.

Plan C provides the insights and frameworks business leaders need to catalyze climate resiliency across their organizations.  We identify areas of greatest threat, and uncover opportunities for value creation.

Your stakeholders are demanding to know how your company is addressing climate change. We can help provide you the answers.

“On the topic of climate change, corporations are under pressure – from “activist” investors, millennial employees and concerned consumers  – to fill a void currently left by the government.  As a Board member, I want to know how to define the problem, how to disclose what we are doing about it, and how to answer our constituencies.”

—D’Anne Hurd, Audit and Nom/Gov Committee Chair