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Climate change has reached an inflection point–now a topic of presidential debates, classroom discussions, and dinner conversations. Evidence of climate impacts make headline news every day.

With pressure from every side to take action on climate change, businesses no longer can treat it as a “check the box” item, complying with regulatory requirements and sweeping it into broad ESG initiatives. With a topic this complex, the question is where to start.

Plan C informs and guides business leaders so they can catalyze climate resiliency across their organizations.  We pinpoint areas of greatest threat, identify proactive strategies to mitigate impacts, and uncover opportunities.

“On the topic of climate change, corporations are under pressure – from “activist” investors, millennial employees and concerned consumers  – to fill a void currently left by the government.  As a Board member, I want to know how to define the problem, how to disclose what we are doing about it, and how to answer our constituencies.”

—D’Anne Hurd, Audit and Nom/Gov Committee Chair


Like cyber attacks, climate impacts once were viewed as isolated, albeit significant, events. Increasingly, they are recognized as systemic and requiring a proactive approach. Business leaders consider cyber security one of their top priorities, demanding cross-company engagement. So too, climate impacts no longer can be the siloed responsibility of sustainability groups but require action across  organizations. Companies that proactively address and communicate their climate actions will have a competitive advantage relative to others in their industry sectors.


Plan C delivers incisive Briefings, Assessments and Workshops to help business leaders identify climate impacts and drive action across their organizations. We harness datasets, diagnostic tools and methodologies to help our clients identify climate impacts and make business choices. These modules may be selected individually or as a suite of services, depending on the priorities of Board members and executives.


Climate Essentials


Organizational Readiness


Major Risks—Reputation and Valuation


Major Risks, Climate Impacts


Opportunities/Value Creation


Policy and Regulatory Considerations


Community Impacts


Investor Mandates, Climate Risk Disclosure

LEGEND  Board Members C Suite BU Leaders

“Most board members don’t have the expertise to adequately assess risks associated with climate change, and yet they have fiduciary responsibility to the companies they serve to help see around the corner and mitigate those risks.”

—Lisa Bougie, Independent Director


Climate change is impacting all of us, in every part of the world, across every walk of life. It will take all of us working together to mitigate and reverse climate impacts, while identifying opportunities for innovation and value creation.


Plan C Advisors are independent consultants who work individually and collectively on Plan C engagements. We have served as senior executives, across many industry sectors, and bring expertise including Board strategy, sustainability, supply chain and climate impact analysis.

Amanda North

Amanda North

  • Brand positioning and communications
  • Opportunity generation/value creation
  • Tech sector
  • Base:  San Francisco Bay Area

Kate Logan

  • Sustainable supply chains
  • Environmental disclosure and communication
  • China’s climate policies and practices
  • Base:  New Haven, Connecticut
Michael Thornton

Michael Thornton

  • Carbon footprinting
  • Opportunity generating/value creation
  • Infrastructure, renewable power and water systems
  • Base:  San Francisco Bay Area; London
Lisa Bougie

Lisa Bougie

  • Board strategy
  • Opportunity generating/value creation
  • Digital and omni-channel businesses
  • Consumer goods and apparel
  • Base:  San Francisco Bay Area
Carol Liffman

Carol Liffman

  • Business strategy
  • Risk management
  • Cross-sector megaproject ventures
  • Energy sector, Earth sciences
  • Base:  Houston, Texas

Carlos Gaitan 

  • Assessing climate risks for business operations
  • Applying AI to identify climate impacts
  • Communicating climate risks to business leaders
  • Base:  San Francisco Bay Area

Nadya Direkova

  • Product vision and strategy
  • Ideation facilitation
  • Designing leadership for cross-functional teams
  • Tech sector
  • Base:  San Francisco Bay Area
D'anne Hurd

D’Anne Hurd

  • Board strategy with ESG focus
  • Long-time investor in “demonstrated commitment to sustainability” companies
  • Legal and financial expertise focusing on M&A and IPOs
  • Extensive Corporate Board Director experience
  • Base:  Washington DC

Dr Simon Todd

  • Risk assessment and mitigation
  • Leadership and culture change
  • Cross enterprise planning and communications
  • Global business
  • Energy sector
  • Base:  Dublin, Ireland; Houston, Texas
Peter McAteer

Peter McAteer

  • Sustainability
  • Organizational Change
  • Leadership & Talent Development
  • Base:  Bangkok, Thailand
Caroline Kahn

Caroline Kahn

  • Brand strategy
  • Innovation and opportunity identification/value creation
  • Operational integration,  transition management & tool creation
  • Consumer retail communication
  • Global business leadership
  • Consumer goods (apparel/footwear)
  • Base:  Portland, Oregon
Kerry Haley

Kerry Haley

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Value Creation & Preservation
  • System Approach to Complex Capital Project Delivery
  • Energy, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Tech sectors
  • Base: San Francisco Bay Area


The Plan C Alliance comprises complementary organizations that extend the work of Plan C Advisors. We refer our clients to Plan C Alliance members that can help companies strategize and execute specific steps in climate preparedness.

Porter Novelli was founded forty years ago with the belief that classic marketing disciplines could be reapplied to public relations communications to make a positive social impact on the world. They pioneered the notion of using communications to drive behavior change. Porter Novelli brings this mindset and expertise to creating effective climate communications and campaigns, targeting a range of stakeholders.

Terrapass is a multi-disciplinary team of individuals dedicated to the fight against climate change. Our mission is to provide the resources necessary for companies and individuals to understand and take action to address their climate impact. Through the sale of carbon offsets and renewable energy certificates, we support projects that prevent or destroy harmful greenhouse gasses. Our customer-focused approach provides easy, turn-key product solutions that can be customized to meet any needs.

Simplified Coaching delivers premier leadership training, communication, neuroscience-based coaching and team facilitation which are critical elements in fostering change management and enabling organizations to engage in climate work across business units.

MCH Group applies a systems approach utilizing operations science to define, model and optimize complex project systems within organizations across multiple industries. Working with multidisciplinary teams, the MCH team quantifies climate related attributes and devises strategies to mitigate their impact. Past assignments include the energy, telecommunications and industrial sectors.

Carbon Analytics is an environmental data technology company, building solutions to help businesses engage themselves and their stakeholders in climate measurement, management and reduction. Carbon Analytics is a B Corporation, based in the UK, founded in the belief that it should be easy for companies of all sizes to reap the rewards of managing their environmental impact.


Amanda North

“Resilience is forged through adversity. My experiences in the Boston Marathon bombing both humbled and inspired me. Climate change is real, but through our collective strength, creativity, compassion and commitment, we the business community can foster the resiliency skills necessary to survive and flourish.”

—Amanda North, Founder and CEO, Plan C Advisors

Plan CPhilosophy

  • Climate change is global, and affects us all. We all are in this together
  • Climate impacts must be regarded systematically, rather than as unrelated events
  • Taking a circular view, businesses can uncover potential climate threats and opportunities
  • Plan is a verb—business must be proactive in addressing climate impacts
  • Planning is the key to confronting climate challenges and creating resiliency
  • There is an interdependency between what is created by human and nature. One cannot thrive without the other
  • Transparency is an essential quality that Plan C brings to all our relationships, and businesses must adopt in their climate communications

Plan CSustainability

At Plan C, we are committed to minimizing our own environmental footprint. To that end, we minimize use of paper, manage our facilities with a close eye to energy efficiency and use of clean energy, and leverage telecommunications.


When we need to travel, we calculate the carbon footprint of our air transportation and offset through Terrapass.

We donate at least 1% of our annual profits to organizations that support a sustainable world. In 2019, these organizations include: NRDC/E2; Sustainable Travel International; and Mercado Global.

“Our Climate is changing. Business must change too.”

—Lili Pike, Climate Journalist


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